“Observing animals can provide healthy tips on how to live well”

Outside my morning window for enjoyment is a strategically placed bird feeder where a wide variety of birds such as chickadees, wrens, tufted titmouse, reds, blues and purple finches all dining on tiny sunflower seeds provided in abundance.  The only problem is squirrels love the tiny seeds as well.  In short order they fill their [...]

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Is my teenager’s behavior a “big deal”?

For many parents of teenagers, you may often find yourself questioning their behavior and wondering if what they are doing is a "big deal" or not. The changes in their mood and attitude may seem to change with wind. It can be a scary and frustrating time in your relationship with your child. Michael Nichols, author [...]

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On Marriage

    "Young people often think of marriage as a state....the state of matrimony.  But intimate partnership isn't something you enter, like the state of Texas.  It's something you create". Michael P. Nichols.         Inevitable marital conflict, relational difficulties, felt disappointments must be talked about and worked through.  Couples get stuck in [...]

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