Sexual Addiction & Dysfunction Counselors

If you or a loved one is struggling with sexual addiction or dysfunction, then we encourage you to reach out to us here at Crossroads Counseling Center for help. You deserve care and compassion in your journey to overcome this battle in your life, and our talented team of expert counselors is ready and eager to assist you in this regard. We have certified staff members who are specifically trained and practiced in this area of counseling and support, and we can assure you that you will find the high level of quality support that you need.

Here at Crossroads, we have extensive experience offering compassion and counseling support to many individuals and family members who struggle with addictions and dysfunctions of a sexual nature. These types of issues can manifest through compulsive behaviors that involve addiction to masturbation, sexual intercourse, acting out in inappropriate environments or at inappropriate times, among others. Arousal disorders, stress-related dysfunction, pain, distress, and other issues can also arise in individuals struggling in this area of their life.

Often, experiences from childhood can leave an imprint on us that drives this pattern of behavior. This is where we need the professional assistance of a highly-trained and educated counselor or clinician to help us breakthrough these struggles in our lives. Our skilled team of Crossroads counselors can and will provide this much-needed support and guidance for you.
The issues if sexual addiction and dysfunction can cause very serious damage to the health of your relationships both inside and outside of the home. When you are struggling with such a burdensome problem, it can impact the way in which you operate in every area of your life, even if it isn’t immediately obvious to you that this is the case.

Help for those struggling with addiction or sexual dysfunction

Our counseling in this area of our service is not limited to individuals who are themselves experiencing these addictions or dysfunctions. It is also important that wives and husbands of the individuals who have these struggles also seek and receive assistance from a professional, and our team here at Crossroads is able to meet this critical need for these loved ones.
Don’t let struggles of this nature hold you back from the life that you were created to life through Christ. Contact us here at Crossroads so that we can help you escape these damaging issues in your life, and get you on the path to whole health and wellness. Pick up the phone or email us now, before you let the moment pass. It’s time to become the free, empowered person you were meant to be.