Child & Family Counselors in Mississippi

God made all things according to the counsel of His will, and this includes our natural desire to create families in which we will grow and thrive as followers of Christ. The family unit is an important vehicle through which we should be encouraged, protected, nourished, challenged, and shepherded in our journeys as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, to reach the fulfilled, joyful life that He wants for us.

The family unit is certainly God’s perfect design for moving us toward being followers of Him. However, this does not mean that obstacles and challenges will not arise within the context of the family structure in our lives. In our roles as parents, siblings, and children, we all will experience struggles and upheaval that can provide great difficulty in our lives. Some of these challenging experiences may prove more painful or damaging than others.

Teen & Adolescent Counseling

If you or your family members or other loved ones are struggling with issues within the family, such as in parenting or best supporting your children on their paths toward becoming healthy, functioning teens and young adults, we encourage you to reach out to us here at Crossroads Counseling Center. Our team of professional counselors is well versed in the common—and not so common—issues that can arise within the family structure, and make life more difficult for all involved.

In the end, our goal is the fulfilled, holistic health in mind, body and spirit, of every member of your family. If you are a parent experiencing daily struggles with your child, teen, or spouse, or if you are carrying burdens as a family unit that feel too heavy to bear, you should not be suffering without the guidance of a professional who can help you navigate the path toward peace, love and understanding.

It can seem rather daunting, but, if we give up our ideas about being self-sufficient, we can settle into the wisdom of covenant life–a child coming into a family, who were blessed and supported by their families, in the context of the Church and the Body of Christ. We are not alone in our lives, our struggles and our dreams for living in joy with ourselves and our loved ones. We are part of a network of ligaments and bones that hold us all together.  It should feel good and right, calming and balancing to be a participant in this, the God life.

Let our talented team of clinicians and counselors assist you in achieving this sense of balance and goodness in your family life. Our counselors specialize in this area of work, and we have experience ranging from working with very small children, to adolescents, to grandparents. Contact us today to learn more.