As I’m stopped at a busy Crossgates’ intersection a huge SUV with tall shiny wheels pulls up beside me with extremely loud bass speakers blaring that actually vibrate my truck.  As I turn to look at the driver I discover he is looking at me.  A young black male perhaps in his early twenties and a graying 65 year old white man in a white pickup truck looking at one another.

Our eyes connect for only a moment.  I look away irritated as the throbbing, thudding sound continues to shake my truck. The red-light holds us for what seems like forever and my irritation with the thudding vibration continues.  Again, I glance back in his direction and once again find he is also looking at me…..our eyes meet.  Then, in an instant somewhere deep inside me I remembered my youth…. my world… style.  My youth certainly did not look like his, but it did not look like my parents’ generation either.  With a slight wave and positive nod I acknowledge him.  He waves back…then reaches over and turns down the deafening, thudding sound….. looks back at me and smiles.  The light turns green and we drive away.

Lord, can it be just that simple?  Can two people with so many differences of age and preferences simply acknowledge one another with patience and a smile … not push on one another…. and therein find a sense of understanding and kindness that leaves us both feeling respectful and better about the other ….even hopeful?  Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God”.