Anger is an emotion, but not a primary emotion. Anger is a reaction to preceding emotions such as fear, resentment, hurt, self-righteousness, etc.

Anger has purpose.  Always designed to get a preferred outcome such as being safe, respected, correct, etc.

Anger is an expression of the body:  loud words (screaming), harsh words (cursing), pushing (body to body), indirect exploding (damaging something nearby).

Anger is problematic because it is not very effective and sets in motion chain reactions that results in even greater problems.  Hence the object of the initial anger not only escalates, new problems subsequently emerge such as road rage resulting in auto wrecks, someone gets hurt, or maybe even dies.

Jesus, who is arguably the wisest person who has ever lived, said, “You’ve heard it said do not murder. But I tell you do not be angry”? A close look reveals why this statement was very practical….anger is not an effective tool for problem solving!  Life generally only gets worse when anger is present.

Finally, “Anger management’ is a misnomer.  Ever tried to ‘manage anger’?  Bet you were not very successful! Once anger is ‘out…set in motion’…. it is too late to be managed.

It is possible to be persons  who ‘do not get angry’. Trusting something greater than yourself, faith in God, brings a sense of calm assurance that all will be well regardless of presenting circumstances, regardless of how challenging.  People still solve problems,…even very huge ones at that.  They simply do not ‘use anger’ to get their desired outcome.