About Carol Woods

II Peter 1:3 tells us that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. This includes counselors who can give a different perspective to see if there is a solution that has not been considered before. Often, people have been thrown a “curveball” in life and need someone to come alongside them who can handle their difficult issues respectfully and confidentially. It is my privilege to be that person in my clients’ lives.

Parents: Child Development and Play Therapy

One of the biggest mistakes parents and educators make is to treat children as if they are little mini-adults.  Children are children.  They have unique developmental needs and desire.  In reality it is disrespectful to not take their uniqueness into account when relating to them in any way.  That is why a Playroom and [...]

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Intentional Parents

  Carol Woods, "What if we were more intentional in getting training before bringing children into the marriage picture?  Detailed plans are made for weddings, nurseries, showers, and even college savings programs. But do we really think through important dynamics such as in-law relationships, mom working vs staying home, incorporating both parents into the special [...]

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Most of us agree with the concept of 'forgiveness'.....until we're the one suffering from the actions of another. Suddenly, what we thought was 'a good idea', becomes much more complicated! Learn about the dynamics of forgiveness and some of its pragmatic benefits by reading Kirsten Weir's, "Forgiveness Can Improve Mental and Physical Health".

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