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I have a strong desire to help families embrace God’s plan for them by stopping the hurt and developing new ways of relating that fosters a sense of security, belonging, and well-being leading to abundant living.

“Saying Goodbye to Adult Children….Or Not”

Anticipating and negotiating adult children exiting the home can be a huge challenge to family dynamics.  As previous models considered acceptable evaporate to changing cultural trends, families of exiting adult children can experience greater distress and loss than anticipated.  The unanticipated, the unknown, the uncertainty fosters anxiety. Understanding some of the dynamics can bolster confidence [...]

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“Observing animals can provide healthy tips on how to live well”

Outside my morning window for enjoyment is a strategically placed bird feeder where a wide variety of birds such as chickadees, wrens, tufted titmouse, reds, blues and purple finches all dining on tiny sunflower seeds provided in abundance.  The only problem is squirrels love the tiny seeds as well.  In short order they fill their [...]

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The Good Life in Marriage

  "When two people in love decide to share their days and nights and futures, they must go through a period of often difficult adjustment before they complete the transition from courtship to a functional partnership. They must learn to accommodate each other's ways of doing things. If marriage is a union between a man [...]

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On Marriage

    "Young people often think of marriage as a state....the state of matrimony.  But intimate partnership isn't something you enter, like the state of Texas.  It's something you create". Michael P. Nichols.         Inevitable marital conflict, relational difficulties, felt disappointments must be talked about and worked through.  Couples get stuck in [...]

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Chance, Meaningful Encounter with Throbbing Bass-Speakers

As I’m stopped at a busy Crossgates’ intersection a huge SUV with tall shiny wheels pulls up beside me with extremely loud bass speakers blaring that actually vibrate my truck.  As I turn to look at the driver I discover he is looking at me.  […]

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What Miracle Do You Need in 2017?

Christmas is a time to reflect on the ‘miraculous’...something happening outside of what we consider the normal interaction of things. We live in a world that for every action there is a reaction. And so many of those can be anticipated, pre-determined. But miracles happen outside the normal.

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Imagery and idea structure are present among us as powerful governing life forces. These images and ideas are either (1) reality (example: we are beloved of God) which moves us toward Him or (2) lies/falsehood (example: God is untrustworthy and we therefore must take life into our own hands) which moves us away from God. [...]

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